5 Interesting Facts about Lahti

Maauimala Lahden mäkimontussa ja ohi kävelevä mäkihyppääjä, joka kantaa suksia olalla.

Fun and interesting facts about city of Lahti that most travel guides miss to mention.

1. Watch sports… or attend the competitions yourself!

Be it triathlon race, ski marathon or the toughest 400 meter run of your life, Lahti is the place to visit for sport events. The city of Lahti hosts many international sport events, for example Red Bull 400 and Nokian Tyres IRONMAN 70.3. You are free to test your strength… but we also offer nice spots for audience!

Check all the events: https://visitlahti.fi/en/events

2. It’s uphill and downhill in Lahti

Lahti is located alongside Salpausselkä Ridge, which gives some unique shape to the downtown of city. Be prepared to climb a hill or two when you roam across the city. The ridge shape also has its benefits, as the city landmark Ski Jump Hills have been constructed alongside the ridge.

More information about nature: https://www.lahti.fi/en/information-about-lahti/green-capital/nature

3. Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021

Lahti has gained international recognition for its dedicated environmental development and adapting to sustainable way of growing. Political commitment, ambitious strategic goals and long-term practical environmental activities were emphasized as Lahti applied the competition in 2019 and won the title of European Green Capital 2021.

All about this success story: https://greenlahti.fi/

4. City of Beer and Bread

What more can a person need? The giant among bakeries in the region, Fazer Mills, grinds more than half of the rye cultivated in Finland and the largest malting plant of Finland, Viking Malt, is located in Lahti. The roots of beer city go back a long way – three million litres of beer were being produced per year in Lahti as early as 1916.

Take a closer look: https://www.e-julkaisu.fi/lahti/lahti-my-city/

5. Combine swimming and ski jumping

Did we already mention ski jumping? As the hills tower over the city landscape, it is only natural to take a closer look at them. During summer an outdoor swimming pool is opened in the most curious of places – in the landing slope of the largest hill. There is possibility of summer training sessions in the smaller hills, so watch athletes as you swim around.

Can this actually be true? Yes, it is! https://www.lahti.fi/en/latest-updates/news/the-outdoor-swimming-pool-offers-a-perfect-setting-for-water-sports