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When Lahti Fringe will confirm the artists?

The international artists have been confirmed in May. If you haven’t received any mail from us, please contact us as soon as possible.

The Finnish artists can apply until August.

Will the Fringe support artists financially?

As this is a Fringe festival, we don’t give financial support to artists, but we give the venue and marketing for free, and you are free to sell as many tickets as you can. If you use a professional ticket provider, they will take their share of the income, of course.

Many artists will find a sponsor. Also grants are offered by a wide range of organizations, from councils and local authorities to trusts and charities. You can also sell merchandise or ask for donations.

Lahti Fringe won’t take any performance fee or any share from your ticket selling.

How should I price my tickets?

We hope that as many shows as possible are free, but in that case that you want to sell tickets, 10-15 euros is a normal price of show tickets in Lahti.

What is the method of choosing artists?

As this is a pilot festival, we have limited amount of space for the performances. This is the main reason for leaving artists out of our festival.

The Fringe organizers also have the right to turn down performances which have too strong political, religious or sexual emphasis, or the performance violates strongly against human rights.

How the venues have been chosen?

As this is our very first Fringe festival, the pilot will be focused on venues that have been accepted as public space for gatherings. In this way we can ensure that the space is safe for the audience.

We also search for new venues until 15th of May and we try our very best to meet with all the requirements that the artists have.

How many venue slots is offered?

As this is the very first Lahti fringe Festival, the amount of venues is limited. So at this point we can offer only one slot in the venues such as theater stage.

Naturally street artists can perform every day!

How the local entrepreneurs can join?

Lahti Fringe Festival welcomes all the local shops and entrepreneurs to join the Festival with sales and extended opening hours. We also hope that many entrepreneurs will offer their space as an venue for the performers.

How Lahti Fringe promotes artists?

Lahti Fringe organization promotes all artists through Lahti Fringe channels in Social Media and Internet. We also have a possibility to promote artists via specific flyers and some print media.

During the festival we also have a Fringe Festival Radio, which is an Internet radio station, where artists can promote their work.

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