Lahti is an art city

Lahti is known as a sports city. The concept is so common, that it’s known worldwide. But the cultural supply of the city isn’t just limited to the sports because the city is full of different destinations and experiences. Among them is the public arts of the city.

So what is public arts? Simply put it is art that is on display in public spaces. The art can be either permanent or just temporary; statues, sculptures, murals, street art, performances, paintings, monuments, light-, sound- or environmental art, nearly anything. Public arts can be acquired in many ways: through portfolio search, through parallel draft orders, open competitions, invitational competitions, or direct orders from artists.

There are plenty of public art objects in Lahti. Travellers have a lot to see from the moment they arrive to the city. Across the street from the travel center The Mannerheim Equestrian Statue welcomes all visitors with open arms into the beautiful city of Lahti. On Rautatienkatu you will meet the Steel Grandmas; Rietriikka, Emoliina, Eleanor ja Let’s Dance Martha. Aleksanterinkatu’s sheep shaped concrete traffic barriers will bring a smile to the visitor’s face and brighten up the street view of the city center. There is something to everyone in Lahti. If you don’t get excited about statues, you can admire the beautiful murals located all over the Lahti area, like for example the Reliefi on Saimaankatu or the Block Party -mural on the Malski area. From Pikku-Vesijärvi park you will find the Vesiurut (water organ) through which you can experience enchanting sound art twice a day. On dark autumn nights Vesiurut turns also into a light art when different colored lights are reflected from the pool during the show.

If you’re interested in exploring more of the city’s public art, here are a few tips on places definitely worth a visit:

  1. Vapaudenpatsas, Lahti City Hall Park, Viktor Jansson, 1921
  2. Hellä Kivi, Lanu Park, Olavi Lanu, 1992
  3. Jari Litmasen patsas, Kisapuisto, Reijo Huttu, 2010
  4. Lehmus, Lanun aukio, Olavi Lanu, 1985
  5. The mural of Mukkula, Ritaniemenkatu 5b wall, Messy Desk, 2017
  6. Mäkihyppääjä, Lahti Stadium, Vesa Ekholm, 2017
  7. Troijan Hevonen, intersection of Satamakatu and Vesijärvenkatu, Mauno Hartman, 1999
  8. Eteenpäin, museum area of Radiomäki, Aimo Taleva, 1974
  9. Golden Goose -pesimäalue, Rautatienkatu 18 (premises and light post), Miss Kompro & Ihana Havo, 2018
  10. Kylän portti, Viiskulma Art Square, Akseli Leinonen 202i

Jari Litmasen patsas Kisapuistossa Värikäs muraali Rautatienkadulla Kuvituskuva Patsas Lahden kaupugintalon edessä