Thanks to all who participated in the first ever Lahti Fringe Festival

Kuvakooste eri esityksistä.

Lahti Fringe Festival was held Aug 29 –  Sept 1, 2018 and was a firt ever Fringe Festival organized in Finland. The over all feed back has been positive and official feedback form will be sent to artists and venues and will be published on the Facebooksite of Lahti Fringe Festival for public to give audience feedback. There are so many people we as the organizers of Lahti Fringe Festival would like to thank, but lets keep the list short and simple so we just say: THANK YOU ALL!

We appreciate the input you all gave to this amazing project, whether you were involved in putting this event together, participating in it as an artist, venue or audience. We have so many people that without whom this would have never happened so fast and smoothly:

  • City of Lahti – thank you for the co-operation
  • Lahti Universty of Applied Sciences – thank you for the co-operation
  • The Regional Council of Päijät-Häme – Thank you for enabling the project with ERDF/European Regional Development Fund funding
  • Students of Lahti University of Applied Science – you are an asset that we appreciate highly
  • Staff members of the Lahti Fringe Festival – Love you!
  • Security personnel – your expertise is highly appreciated for making sure everyone is safe at Lahti Fringe Festival
  • Folks at the DooRoom – thanks for putting up with us and thanks for the great surroundings that you provided to the Lahti Fringe Festival
  • Limu Radio – the official Lahti Fringe Festival radio station
  • Artists from far and close – without you there would have been no Fringe Festival in Lahti, we love your passion in whatever you presented to us and to the audience to see.
  • Audience – thanks for being brave and curious towards Lahti Fringe Festival
  • Nordic Fringe Network and Adam – thanks for your support and advices through out the preparations

Lahti Fringe Festival as numbers:

  • 52 venues
  • 150 shows
    • 8 art exhibitions
    • 23 bands and gigs
    • 10 theatre performances, 3 for children
    • 7 concerts
  • countles number of spectators at street venues, the market place, coffee shops, bars etc.
    • over 1000 spectators at 3 major venues during 4 festival days
    • Garden party at city hall came over 1400 spectators
    • the seminar gathered over 70 participants to the Lahti City Library
  • hundreds of hours of labor

So humbly we say once again warm thanks to all for making this event happen in such a speedy way, history was made here at the first ever Lahti Fringe Festival and first ever Fringe Festival in Finland.

Pictures of the official Lahti Fringe Festival photographers will be published on the website. Stay tuned and see you in 2019!